You Have A Unique Combination of 34 Talents

Are you using them to the best of your ability in career and business?
My guess is not.

Take the FIRST STEP and discover a unique COMBINATION of your 34 TALENTS today.

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One Briliant Method Helped Me

Activate My Success And Feel More Confident

I’ve never seen myself as someone who has any special talents.

❌ I did well at school in many subjects but never thought I excel in something specific. So, I picked a career in finance as a pragmatic choice.

❌ I qualified myself in accounting, became a manager but then quit my first managing job after two and half years thinking leadership is stressful and is not for me

❌ I had hopes and dreams to find work that would fulfill me more, start my own business, but for years I was scared to pursue them. I let my weakness and imperfections hold me back.

Sheer coincidence led me to discover a method that helped me to feel more confident and stop worrying about my weaknesses.

34 Clifton Strengths Finder ®

Achieve Your Success Easier In a Way That Feels Right To You

I discovered my combination of 34 talents and then I finally understood why I think, feel and behave the way I do.

The best part? I dared to pursue goals I was afraid to before:

👍 developed leadership skills from leading a team of 7 to 100+ people,
👍 implemented 4-day work week while growing up in my role,
👍 starting a coaching business while firing up career in the corporate world,
👍 got first paid clients before having a coaching qualification or business plan,
👍 started a blog despite my imperfect grammar and writer's blocks,
👍 co-authored a book which became Amazon's bestseller during the launch.

Most importantly, it wasn't just about the results. What made a difference was how I felt while achieving those goals:

👍 I no longer experience burnout or boreout while working on aspirations,
👍 I can focus on what I do best (and avoid energy waste from draining tasks),
👍 I have a plenty of free time for my personal life while reaching my ambitions.

What's changed?

I stopped dwelling on my weaknesses.
Instead I learnt to trust and use my talents way more.

And I was able to tell when my strengths worked for me and against me.

But enough about me. I'd love to know you, your ambitions and guide you to discover your talents so you can also thrive in your career, business and life!

Let's Unlock Your Potential Together!

  It's simple :-)

Career Women & Experts

Are you an expert in your field who:
✔️ is often feeling tired and exhausted from your work?
✔️ wonders how to increase your income from your talents?
✔️ feels overlooked for promotions and questios if you have what it takes to grow to the next career level?

Discover how to use your talents to CREATE MORE IMPACT and INCOME through your work and move to the next level, without feeling tired, overwhelmed or not trusting your abilities.

Team Leaders & Managers

Are you a leader and manager who:
✔️ is often feeling tired and exhausted from your work?
✔️ wonders how to increase your team's results and engagement?
✔️ wonders if you have what it takes to have a bigger impact?

Discover how to use your talents to LEAD YOUR TEAMS with impact, get the best out of your team members without wasting your energy, sacrifising your health and life.

Coaches, Consultants & Business Women

Are you an entrepreneurial woman who:
✔️ desires a better work & life balance while working on your business (dare I say to work less)?
✔️ wonders how to increase your income by doing what you do best?
✔️ still question what is your genious zone when it comes to leading your business so you can focus on what you do best?

Instead of giving you a new business strategy, we'll explore your talents so you can pick strategies aligned with your talents. Discover how to use your talents to LEAD YOUR BUSINESS without feeling frustrated or stuck.

  You too have a unique talent combination.

Now It's Your Turn. Discover Your Talents

And Be So Great That They Can't Ignore You!

Here is what's included in this introductory package:

  • Self-study materials how to discover your talents
  • ​Assessment of your talents (CliftonStrengths Online Assessment)
  • Personalised report (CliftonStrengths 34 Talent Report)
  • Strengths Insight Guide - guide how to understand your talents
  • 90-Minute Online Talent Consultation

Total Program Value: £449

 Only £299 Today   

How it works?

During the next 3 weeks we will go through:

Step 1:

Reflect On Your Talents (Week 1)

Switch off focusing on your weaknesses and start observing what you do well in your career, business and life. Before completing your assessment, I will guide you to learn how to RECOGNISE YOUR TALENTS in your day to day life without a talent assessment.

Step 2:

Get Personalised Talent Results (Week 2)

Complete the CliftonStrengths® assessment, get your customized CliftonStrengths® reports sharing a combination of your 34 talents. I will explain how to WORK WITH YOUR TALENT REPORT  so you can focus on developing what you do best.

Step 3:

Explore Your Talents (Week 3)

During this 90-minute online consultation we will go through your results and talent themes from the CliftonStrengths® reports. I will coach you how to APPLY YOUR TALENTS IN THOSE AREAS OF CAREER OR BUSINESS which are the most important to you right now.

These amazing people also discovered their talents.

Here Is What They Thought & Achieved:

Still Not Sure This Method Is Right For You?

I totally get it. I was also sceptical!

When I first heard about 34 Clifton Strengths, I thought "Wow, that's smart!"

But still I was sceptical.

"No way! It can't be that simple! Surely getting to know all my talents wouldn't solve of my confidence issues! Plus discovering all 34 talents must take ages!"

I certainly didn't have loads of extra time to study all 34 talents.

But here is the thing.

#1 You don't have to study all your 34 talents.

Playing to your TOP TALENTS and understanding your talent combination will already help you achieve great results in your career, business and life.  And if you want, you can learn about the rest later.

The next great thing is:

#2 You don't have to WASTE more of your TIME. Just use it WISELY.

Instead of dwelling on your imperfections, invest your time into something way more worthwhile >>> recognising what makes you great.

Makes sense, right? It does and it's also exciting.

 Think How Would It Feel If You

Could Use Your Talents to ... :



Reveal your everlasting sources of energy and understand why some activities drain you and others boost your energy levels.
Say bye-bye to fixing yourself and improving your weaknesses. It’s time to use more of what makes you alive, confident & successful.



Improve your response to stressful situations, such as feeling overloaded at work or working under pressure. You can always count on your talents when facing a stressful situation or change.



Once you realise what kind of results you are capable to deliver thanks to your talents, it becomes easier to communicate what you’re worth, negotiate better salary or price your service better to earn more income.

And if you are still sitting on the fence,
don't just take my word for it. Discover for yourself.

#1 Everyone is talented, so are you!

You may not have appeared on the Britain's Got Talent audition, but I can guarantee you: YOU ARE TALENTED.

Talent isn’t just a fancy word to compliment someone great at arts, dance or sports. Everyone is gifted with a unique set of talents. So are you! 

#2:You wake up with your talents

Unlike skills or knowledge, talent isn’t learnt or acquired. Talent is your natural ability embedded in your way of thinking, behaving and reacting.

Simply put, your talents are already a part of you! You wake up with them. You use them daily without realising how they help you succeed in life.

#3: Every talent has a blind spot

Talent has two sides – one that serves you and helps you succeed. And the other one that works against you. The problem is when you and people around you see your talent as your weakness or imperfection.

In other words, you’re letting your talent sabotage your success and you can't see it as it's hiding in your blind spot.


You CAN only unlock the BEST version of yourself: 

  • When you STOP DOUBTING yourself.
  • ​​​​When you STOP FIXING your IMPERFECTIONS.
  • ​ When you DO DAILY what you DO NATURALY BEST.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with this package,
we will refund you the £99 for the consultation.
The purchase of the Clifton Strengths assessment
and initial support fee are not refundable.

"Hi, I am Adriana. I will be your talents guide.
Nice To Meet You! 

I am an International Strengths And Career Coach,
 published co-author on Amazon and People Manager For Operations.
My purpose is in helping women thrive in their career and business.

I always let my inner critic stop me from following my career dreams. The impact? I made what I call "pragmatic" decisions - played it safe hiding behind my faults, opted for safer job opportunities, talked myself out of bigger challenges ... you name it!

Ever since I discovered talent work in 2015, I fell in love with it, because it's way more than a talent assessment - it's an empowering way of working. I first learnt how to use and develop my talents and then trained to become a strength coach.

Thanks to discovering my talents I am able to:
1. Feel energised and deliver results at work from focusing on what I do best,
2. Make better decisions (which activities it's better to delegate or outsource),
3. Gain confidence to pursue goals I was afraid to before.

But enough about me. I'd love to know you, your ambitions and guide you to discover your talents so you can also thrive in your career, business and life!

"I love what I do, because it helps women to be unapologetic about expressing who they are, accepting themselves the way they are, drawing on their talents rather than fixing their imperfections.
You can be that woman too!"


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